Terms & Conditions

Last update: 16th August 2019
Use TextWallet at your own risk
TextWallet is Not a replacement for official coins' wallets. The aim behind TextWallet is to allow cryptocurrency users to enjoy a higher level of mobility as compared to using a desktop wallet. As much as we would like to; TextWallet is not in a position to offer all features that are available on official coins' wallets. As we grow our ecosystem be assured that we do our best to offer as much utility features as available on official coins' wallets.

Textwallet is to your cryptocurrencies what your pocket wallet is to your fiat currencies. As you do not carry your personal fortune around with you everyday. It is recommended to carry on your TextWallet only amounts you would be willing to carry along in fiat.

TextWallet is direclty connected to official coins' daemon/ blockchain infrastructure. TextWallet Does Not rely on third party wallets or service providers to operate, which thus allows users to hold full responsibility and keep complete control over their coins. Each user has their own personal account to which are attached each coin's wallet he/she creates. By using the ''Export Key'' from command <$export> a user is free to link all the supported platforms to the same wallets.
A user is free to terminate his/her TextWallet account at anytime and create a new account at their own convenience. TextWallet Does Not interfere with your business and dissociates itself from what you do with your wallets or coins.

TextWallet Security & Safety

As much as we would like to; unfortunately TextWallet is Not in a position to provide privatekeys due to the way Bitcoin and majority of cryptocurrencies have setup their account/ wallet insfrastructure. However for the integrity of our platform and mainly the safety of your coins, you can be assured that our developers have taken every necessary security precautions to counter any direct or indirect risks. In a nutshell TextWallet ecosystem is running in RAID 1 (meaning that disks are cloned 1:1 to backup disks. In case that 1 disk is compromised we can keep running seamlessly). As backup to our backup we have also setup a backup system to an off-site location which is also running in RAID 1 which is synced hourly. In an effort to provide an optimal level of security we are in process to implement a 4096-bit encrypted copy of our wallets and database on our private cloud storage. Simply put the chances that you lose your wallets or coins on TextWallet due to technical issues are highly unlikely and if under any circumstances an unwanted situation would arise we are well prepared to resolve it seamlessly.

Please Note:
-Before closing down your account, please make sure to remove your coins from TextWallet. A closed account is automatically destroyed and cannot be recovered.
-Only confirmed transactions will appear when using command ''$balance As long as the transaction has Not been confirmed by blockchain; the transaction amount will Not show up. Meanwhile you are free to verify your transaction with ''Transaction hash'' on coin's blockchain explorer. We are in process to add Incoming Unconfirmed Transactions. Unconfirmed Transactions are available only for XUN & ULL.

Loss of Coins

TextWallet Do Not guarantee and is Not accountable for any misuse or mishandling of coins on it's supported platforms. Users are the sole responsible party for their coins. Coins lost during transactions due to wrong wallet address, wrong username ID, wrong commands, typos or other user's related mistakes are Not under TextWallet responsibility. TextWallet is directly conntected to the coins' blockchains; under No circumstances TextWallet has the power to cancel, reverse, modify or influence in any way transactions or commands you entered on its platforms.

Please note:
-Do Not Solo mine BTC, LTC and DOGE to TextWallet. Only Pool mining is supported for BTC, LTC and DOGE on TextWallet.
-Solo mining and pool mining are supported for UltraNote-XUN only.
-Do Not Send UltraNote- XUN Coins to exchanges without Payment ID. (otherwise please contact exchange)

TextWallet is Not responsible for loss of coins due to hacking of users' devices, supported platforms users' social media accounts OR loss of devices (i.e mobile phone, computer or anyother devices on which you access the supported TextWallet platforms). It is the user's responsibility to make sure that the adequate level of security is applied to secure their social media accounts as well as the safety of their devices on which they access TextWallet supported platforms.

If for some reasons, you lost access to your personal media account on Discord, Telegram, Viber or one of our supported platform but would like to recover your TextWallet account on a new device. please send an email to support@textwallet.org or contact TextWallet admins on Discord. You will need to show proof of your ownership of the account.
Failure to do so will result in the permanent loss of your TextWallet. Please Note that it is your own responsibility to secure your personal social media accounts. We are here to help you recover your TextWallet account but TextWallet is not responsible for how you handle the security & safety of your devices or supported platforms personal accounts.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Your Privacy

At TextWallet we do not limit ourselves to Data Protection Regulations. We take extensive measures to ensure that your data are properly protected. Any information you provide to TextWallet as little as it can be while using our services are handled with due care and are under NO circumstances shared with 3rd parties. TextWallet strongly supports privacy measures and is TOR and VPN friendly. TextWallet Does Not collect, store IP addresses or any kind of data which can run via our servers. Everything is routed over SSL.

"TextWallet values your privacy and your trust. We are Not into data mining or rely on advertising revenue. Who you are, where you live or what you do is None of our concern. Even if you work at NASA you can use textwallet without your boss or anyone knowing about it"

TextWallet and TextWallet Coin are 2 separate entities. While TextWallet Coin is open-source and is used as currency which powers the whole TextWallet Network. TextWallet is the intellectual property of It's Co-Founders Alston Cooper & CryptoDodo. Owning TextWallet Coins does not give you any rights of ownership or appropriation of the TextWallet name.