Our Vision

Our vision is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to 99.9% of the world's population by creating a multi-cryptocurrencies, Cross platform wallet supported by Telegram, Keybase, Discord & Sms.


Our Mission is to deliver the ultimate user-friendly Cryptocurrency Wallet experience. We strive to make you favorite cryptocurrency accessible on your favorite mobile applications. What's the most enjoyable place to store and spend your cryptocurrencies, if it's not on the mobile application your spend most of your time on?

Why TextWallet?

TextWallet is where the past meets the future.
Until now only specialized cryptocurrency wallets were able to host your cryptocurrencies. With TextWallet you don't have to download multiple unfamiliar 3rd party wallets and go through personal data verifications to hold or spend your favorite cryptocurrency. TextWallet allows you to hold and move cryptocurrency in a very userfriendly and comfortable environment by taking advantage of already well established mobile applications available: Telegram, Keybase, Discord and Sms. We respect your privacy, who you are, where you live or what you do is your story & yours only! No Question Asked... TextWallet platforms are interconnected so that at anytime you can switch between platforms and keep using your cryptocurrencies seamlessly. Use your Import Key and you will be able to use your cryptocurrencies simultaneously on all our supported platforms. Create Your TextWallet & Get Your Cryptocurrency journey started with ease.


Regular Coin Fees
-SMS Fees:
6% of Transaction Amount + Normal Coin Network Fees (fees on SMS may be adjusted to accomodate mobilephone service provider texting fees.)

-Discord, Telegram, Keybase & TextWallet App Fees:
1% of Transaction Amount will be applied + Coins' Network Fees.

Where can you use TextWallet


At TextWallet our aim is to make cryptocurrency accessible to 99.9% of the world's population and the best way we believe will make this happen; is to be where everyone already is instead of trying to convince them to adopt what you think is best for them. We are now living in a era where everyone is super-connected, time is scarce and cryptocurrency is about to become your new method of payment. Can you imagine how much time you will save and how simplified it becomes to have your cryptocurrencies immediately accessible within the same social media or messaging application you are using to chat with your friends or keep up with work instead of juggling between apps to find which one is holding which cryptocurrency?

If a particular well established social media or messaging app holds the necessary technology to allow us to integrate TextWallet services; It will be added to TextWallet RoadMap!

Telegram is a very popular messaging app within the cryptocurrency community. It is for TextWallet obviously a place to be. Below you can find a Demo Video of Telegram TextWallet.

Along with Telegram; Discord is also a very popular messaging app within the cryptocurrency community. It is for TextWallet an other strategic place to be. Below you can find a TextWallet screen capture on Discord. Beware of Scams
Official TextWallet Bot: @TextWallet Bot#0422
ID: 568460244687257620
You can check the corresponding ID in your discord by going to TextWallet Bot in DM

Keybase is a fast growing service where everything is encrypted. You can see it as an alternative to Slack. Below you can find a TextWallet screen capture on Keybase. Beware of Scams
Official TextWallet Bot: textwalletbot
You can access the Keybase page by going here keybase.io/textwalletbot

About us

TextWallet team is 2 cryptocurrency aficionados who are looking to build something sustainable and reliable to encourage the mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are not crypto big shots, we do not pretend to have written Bitcoin code or whitepaper, we are not millionaires and we do not hold dozens of Bitcoins. We are regular people just like you, your neighbour or your best friend. We believe in the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a trusted mean of exchange and store of value. What we have to offer is our dedication to make TextWallet the most entertaining way to carry around your beloved coins. What excites us the most in creating TextWallet is that we are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we are humbly making it sexier.

Roadmap 2019-2020


Discord Wallet

Use TextWallet service from Discord


Telegram Wallet

Use TextWallet service from Telegram


IRC Wallet

Use TextWallet service from IRC

IN Progress

Keybase Wallet

Use TextWallet service from Keybase


iOS/Android Wallet

Access all those crypto from your pocket

On our planning

SMS Wallet

We need to do further investigation

To Be Confirmed

Listed Coins


List your project on TextWallet:
Each project is unique with it's own values and community spirit. Voting targets will be set in TXTCoins and everyone is free to send as much TXTCoins and as often as they wish to reach the Listing Target. Coin will be listed as soon as Voting Target is reached.

Bitcoin forks: minimum Bitcoin Core v0.11+ (preferably 0.15 or newer)
Ethereum tokens are not supported as of now

Direct listing accepted currencies:
TextWallet (TXT) Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (LTC)
Each Project is unique ; vote targets may vary from project to project.